Workhorse XI Rail Car Mover with Heavy-Duty Scrap Magnet

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Workhorse XI Rail Car Mover with Heavy-Duty Scrap Magnet

Heavy Duty Scrap Magnet

The workhorse X1 is equipped with a crane mounted electromagnet for ferrous material pick up when needed. Moley Magnetics, supplies this high quality attachment for Hyva crane.

Train Air Horn

The workhorse X1 is fitted with a three chime locomotive air horn by Nathan airchime.

Control Panel

The workhorse X1’s human machine interface(hmi) solution features a 12” diagonal touch screen display inside the cab that provides a control and visualization interface between the Operator and the IFM controller. The various control operations on the workhorse X1 will be performed by the controller through integrated can networks, and are programmable using standardized iec 61131-3 software. The Controller to provide overall controlof the workhorse X1 is furnished by IFM.

Train Brake System

Along with bogie hydrostatic braking, the workhorse X1 utilizes hydraulic brakes on the neotec bogeys to further increase braking capability and bring the workhorse X1 and its consist to a stop. For maximum breaking power the workhorse X1’s train air system is used to pneumatically actuate the brakes of the rail car consist. The train air brake system used on the workhorse X1 is furnished by wabtec.

Rear Hitch System

In order to maximize the pulling power of the workhorse X1, the rear hitch system has load sharing capability. The coupler can be hydraulically raised while attached to a rail car to maximize the tractive e ort of the rear bogey. The coupler is a modified mcconway & torley type E locomotive coupler. The hitch pin is pneumatically operated from inside the truck cab and monitored by a video camera.